To become the preferred choice, a financial services partner for India’s aspiring classes. Meeting full range of credit requirements and in process helping India become a financially inclusive society where every citizen has ready access to formal channel of finance.  


Manappuram Finance Limited is dedicated to the mission of bringing convenience to peoples lives, to make life easy. We offer secured and unsecured credit to meet their varied financial needs, from instant gold loans available 24x7, accessible at doorstep, to microfinance, affordable home loans, vehicle finance and more.
Core Values

Our Core Values


At Manappuram Finance we value our reputation for integrity in our dealings. We set great store by ethical values and transparency. We take pride in following the laws of the land in letter and spirit.

Unrelenting Customer focus

We treat our customers with the utmost fairness. No matter what their economic status is, we offer everyone prompt and courteous service, with high levels of transparency.

Cutting-edge Technology

Technology is central to our vision. We continue to invest heavily in technology to enhance customer experience and drive efficiency in operations. We believe in tech-led innovations to deliver seamless and responsive financial services of ever greater value to customers.

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