Manappuram Foundation drives the Corporate Social responsibility interventions of Manappuram Finance Limited. The foundation is a charitable organization, set up in 2009 with a vision to create healthy, educated and happy communities and operates in an around Valapad region in rural Thrissur.

The main areas of activity for Manappuram foundation are

  • Promotion of Quality Education
  • Promotion of Healthcare
  • Development of the Rural Communities

Promotion of Quality Education

Manappuram foundation was established with a vision to create a platform for the people in region wherein they can access child-centered, activity oriented, modern education using best available technology enabled pedagogy. Manappuram foundation therefore created an integrated education eco system for the children wherein they have best teaching aids at all stages of their learning lives
Important steps in the project have been
  • Manappuram Geetha Ravy Public School (Mageet Pubilc School) – Established in 2016, it started as a creche and has gradually started taking in students up to standard 7th. The school provides high quality education, combined with latest technology in education & co-curricular field to foster overall development of its students. The objective being to make learning a pleasure and take away the pressure. The modern Montessori methodology is followed in the early childhood education and offered at subsidized rates to the underserved society in the Manappuram coastal belt.
  • Mukundapuram Public School, Nadavaramba – The Mukundapuram school constitutes the middle rung in foundations plan to create an education eco-system for the community in and around Valapad. The school was taken over by Manappuram foundation and has grown from strength to strength. Its beautiful campus spreads over an area of 7 acres has been equipped in a planned manner keeping the student interests and holistic development at the core. The school is currently affiliated to the Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE), New Delhi and offers quality education at minimal rates to the local community, achieving commendable results in academics.
  • Manappuram Institute of Skill Development (MASkill) – The Manappuram skill academy is the level 3 of Manappuram education ecosystem. It seeks to equip youth from coastal belt with employable & recognized skills [under the National Skill Development Council (NSDC) framework – in association with accredited NSDC partners]. Courses offered include diverse sectors such as Hospitality, Financial services etc. The institute ensures 100% placement assistance to enrolled students through arrangements with various corporates operating in the vicinity.
  • Academies of Coaching Centers for Professional Courses – The last tier or the core tier of Manappuram Foundations education initiatives in the rural community is the Manappuram Academies. These have been created with a view to bring more white collar skill into the community and develop some sort of income parity, where a majority of population prefers to travel to gulf and work in menial jobs. The academies began operations in 2013 and offer students hailing from weaker sections, good quality coaching facilities at nominal fee. Training is offered in Engineering, Medicine, CA and ICWA disciplines, with students getting access to modern facilities like digital library, on-line test facility and seminar halls. Currently there are four such centers operating in and around Valapad.

Promotion of Healthcare

Healthcare is an important area  of intervention for Manappuram foundation. Our efforts in the community are focused on promoting holistic wellness and disease prevention.
To achieve this objective Manappuram foundation works in following areas
  • MAHIMA Counselling and Psychotherapy Centers (MAHIMA) – or Manappuram action for health intervention in Mental ability centers operate within jurisdiction of Vatanappilly and Valapad panchayats. The objective of these centers is to uplift the comprehensive mental health of the people. These centers offer services like Family counselling, Student counselling, Adolescent counselling and De-addiction counselling through experts in the fields of Psychiatry and Psychology. The foundation also provides clinical psychologists and speech therapists if required. The centers organize special training programs for children with learning & cognitive disability, workshops and personality development programs with support from local administration for aided and unaided schools, Anganwadi’s Kudumbasree Mission etc. besides working with teachers and parents.
  • Yoga Centre (MAYoga), Fitness Centre (MAFit) & Ambulance services (MAS) – The Manappuram health initiative also constitutes Yoga, fitness center and emergency services. The centers have been prepared with a view to offer facilities available at any comparable institution in a tier 1 city. They regularly host seminars on fitness, healthy living, stress management, Diet-plan etc. and spread awareness on holistic and balanced health to community. In addition, two well-equipped ambulances (one having ICU facility) serve the coastal area in Thrissur available at no cost to accident victims, while general patients in event of an emergency are offered use at minimal costs.
  • Lions Club International Projects – Manappuram Foundation in association with Lions Club international conducts large scale health and awareness programs on Diabetes and its prevention. This is in addition to free medical camps, teachers training programs, drinking water and sanitation intervention in schools.

Development of Rural Communities

Manappuram foundation has offered financial supports to various non-profit institutions for medical aid to society viz. free dialysis to poor patients, schools for critical infrastructure addition like Library, for poor farmers engaged in organic farming programs, old-age day care centers, orphanages, families in dire circumstances etc. from time to time. These activities may appear one off but possess the critical mass to benefit people across large swathes of land and backwaters

Activities during the Floods in Kerala

Manappuram Foundation and Manappuram group was at the forefront in the aftermath of floods in Kerala. The employees as well as the foundation offered support to help heal the community through essential items, manpower and monetary help immediately after the devastating floods in the state. The Foundation provided support to various flood camps and also to affected families directly.

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